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Sent:      1/23/2005 8:06 A.M.
Subject:  Real Union Activity Increasing!

Untold numbers of unidentified persons are signing up for RealUnion membership.
UFCW 1099 is appalled at the response to this "alternative" union organization by their own membership.
A confidential UFCW union official stated; "We've been sucking down dues from union members for so long these people won't know what to do with all the newfound money they'll be collecting in their pay checks if this New Union gets installed. I fear this could bode an ill wind blowing for UFCW-1099. I may be forced to get a job where I have to perform the same duties these little peons I have been siphoning money from are forced to perform. And I do not think I will enjoy having to work for a living!"
***Stay tuned to your e-mail for further updates on this breaking story.***
Bob Caldwell


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