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In order to force a vote, we need the vote of nearly every member to install representative leadership to enact policy that reflects the will of the majority of our membership.
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version click the link below.)

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I wish to have our existing Union (UFCW 1099) decertified.
I want to join the Real People's Union!
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By typing your initials in the empty field below, you agree that the above information is accurate to the best of your knowledge, and that any false information will be reported under proper unionization guidelines. You also agree to accept any and all correspondence (be it electronic, postal, or otherwise) from "Real People's Union", "", as well as any and all affiliated members and accounts, so long as the defined correspondence pertains soley to the purpose maintained exclusively by "Real People's Union", "", etc.; for Union representation by and for, the REAL PEOPLE within said Union.
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To help defray costs for starting this union, gifts will be accepted via postal transit at this address only:
3983 New York Drive, Enon, OH 45324.
(ck/m.o. payable to Bob Caldwell)
Your Support is Greatly Appreciated! *