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by Bob Caldwell

The Christian Work Ethic
by Bob Caldwell
June 24, 2004
This one really frosts my back side lately. Let's say I have a crack supervisor (I did not say crack-head). He needs to boost his productivity. Does he attempt to get the lay-about people to put in a little more effort? He's probably not going to waste his time there since they have trained him that no matter how many threats or types of discipline they receive, they are simply not going to move any faster. So he goes to the folks who posess a "Christian Work Ethic" and he pushes them to work harder; to make up for the folks who are just draining the payroll resources. In all actuality this amounts to a form of religious descrimination. Not that the folks who "possess" this ethic are particularly spiritual; just that they have inherited an understanding and desire to put in a fair days work for a fair days pay. Passed down from this nation's Christian past. Seem fair to you? Sure doesn't to me either, but it is the way things are being worked out in our Nation's Courts./\/\/\ *