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New Union Business
RealUnion Blog
2 September 2005

Mood:  a-ok
Topic: New Union Business
30 August 2005
I do not know where we would be without OUR Union!
Mood: a-ok
Topic: New Union Business
I work in 802 for about 6 months now.
At best I would say your leadership ability is in question and at worst most people I talked to seem to think you are a "NUT" with a personal agenda.
I look at your website and the words from a country song come to mind "Let's talk about me." You offer no direction or plan, just "I hate our current Union if you hate them to, let's talk."
As far as our union goes I worked in non-union warehouse before and this is far better. I have seen a couple different Union People, they always ask me how I am doing. I am planing on attending some Union rallies and events (like Kings Island for $20.00, what a deal!). Do you attend rallies and get involved?


Many thanks for the original posting. All personal attacks will be deleted from this web page. Idea's will be allowed to stand "as is".
Here's the plan; join REAL Union and you'll be offered the choice to vote for one of three options; 1) Bring in Real Union as the new Bargaining Unit Representation, 2)Keep UFCW-1099, or 3) Opt for No Union Representation at all.
If you don't join you'll be supporting UFCW-1099 by default and they'll ride you (us) all the way to the bank every payday from now on and you'll never get the chance to vote on the three options listed above. Clear on that?
I couldn't care less what you think of me personally or my leadership abilities. As far as I'm concerned, I am spearheading an effort that may put you in as the new Union President chief!
I do not get involved in anything affiliated with UFCW-1099. Mr. Bill O'Reilly has had a hand in that. You see I read his latest book "Who's Looking Out For You?". In this book his advice is to end your affiliation with people or groups who clearly do not have your best interests at heart. For me, UFCW-1099 fits in that category. I also happen to think that this is true for anyone with a brain. Besides that, I do not have the political disposition to get "appointed" as steward for this bunch of left leaning socialists.
So let's re-cap shall we?
You've worked here for 6 months so you didn't vote 1099 into existence now did you(I suspect that you are one of the guys sucking up my Union Dues from Monroe, Ohio)? Neither did I so why are we paying for the priviledge of supporting their (your?)attempt to organize Wal-Mart, an historically un-orgaizable retailer? And how much longer would you like to continue paying, for this cause, with absolutely no positive results in sight after five failed years of trying? When someone shows they are not about your best interests who is the shame on when you keep going to them and asking them to be fair with you this time (fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on ME)?
And what exactly do you have against hard working women anyway? They have every right to be employed just the same as you do. You might try sending me an e-mail with a name I recognize in the subject line if you aren't too chicken to hide behind your alias. But then, you are the super-Boob-joke now aren't you sonny boy.
ps: Wal-Mart Distribution Center in Washington Court House starts people out at $12.15 an hour. You are being paid $8.10. You realy like this union job huh? It's much better than a non-union job right?
psps: Target D.C. is starting folks out at $12.75 hourly (West Jefferson?)

Posted by superboob-joke at 1:42 PM EDT | post your comment (1) | link to this post
Updated: 31 August 2005 11:52 PM EDT

Posted by bobcaldwell at 7:33 PM EDT
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1 September 2005
I like it when you call me Big Poppa
Mood:  irritated
Ode to Poppa:
For all of you out there who think that my Pops is a bit insane... I'll agree. He's insanely purturbed that his fellow coworkers have to 'deal' with a Union that wants nothing better than to rob from the poor so they can feed their corporate fat-cat tummies.

(BTW - as I'm sure you've all noticed, my Pop's has lost a lot of weight relatively recently.)

My dad may be a bit headstrong, but no one can deny his passion for the cause. I for one am (insanely) proud for him having the cahones large enough to be able to stand up and fight for what he believes is just and right. How many of you can say the same about yourselves? Who among you can say that you've actually done something other than complain to a coworker or relative when something really gets under your skin at work?

Any way you look at it - whether you agree or disagree with his stand - at least my Pops is trying to DO something about the deplorable state of Meijers' current Union.

So, keep it up old man, and let me know what time the party starts after Real Union really starts to kick some ass!!!

Props to the Pops,

Toni Caldwell

Posted by toni-r-caldwell at 11:26 PM EDT
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16 August 2005

Mood:  chatty
Topic: New Union Business
This blog is provided for members of Local 1099 UFCW and employed at Meijer Stores; Tipp City Distribution Center, Harshman, Springboro Pike, Englewood, Fairborn-Beavercreek, Troy, and the Kettering Store.
It is provided as a means of communication between our membership for discussion of various topics related primarily to improving the condition, wages, and benefits of our membership.
Our current Union Representation is not required to maintain their current sucky posture (mostly just sucking down our dues but there is surely more sucking going on here than just that).
So let me hear from you folks out there. Anything really great about 1099 you'd like to post here? Anything really sucky? Anything really bothering you about work or the way you are represented by your union? Air your dirty laundry if you aren't scared of your Union or Employer retaliating against your person. You may post under an alias if you like, but please let us know where you are employed. And tell your co-workers about this web page.

Bob Caldwell
Tipp City Distribution Center
Building 802, 1st shift.

Posted by bobcaldwell at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: 16 August 2005 8:53 PM EDT
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Super Bob
Topic: New Union Business
Keep up the good work people. We are growing slowly but surely. Tell a co-worker about this web page and visit regularly.
Make a posting on this blog. Especially if you have a valid work issue that has not been addressed by our current union representation!

For instance: "Attention all loaders. Report to the time clock after break for lane re-assignments." This is typically the way that management addresses our workforce. It's a kind of "I love you and want to show you how much respect I have for all your hard work today. So I'm going to arrange it so that I give all of your four clean lanes to the fellow who has been laying around not doing anything all shift, and I am going to re-assign his lanes to someone like you. You can offload his downtracks and stack them neatly and push in all of his non-conveyable items. You'll have to stay until all this is done before I release you. You'll probably see him walking out well ahead of you for end of day because he hasn't had all that much to do since you did it all for him. Sound familiar? This is how management deals with folks who won't work, they place their share of the work load on our shoulders. They never directly address the individul responsible for causing you this headache. Why? It's the path of least resistance. They get the product moved and you're too stupid to understand the process anyway (or at least too powerless to do anything about it). This practice must end immediately! It is managements' job to manage their workforce. It is not the job of the warehouse clerk to manage the workforce (or snitch on you co-workers either Cathy)! And it is the job of our union representation to see to it that management treats us in a fair and consistent fashion. This practice does not meet that pre-condition. We need a Real Union so we can have people representing us that care about our working conditions.
Keep sending in those applications folks. We are making headway!


Posted by bobcaldwell at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: 16 August 2005 8:51 PM EDT
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